Friday, March 29, 2013

I'm Saying Goodbye to Toxic Free NC

by Ana Duncan Pardo, Communications Coordinator

After five and a half years of service, today is my last day at Toxic Free NC.

During my time here, we built an active and vibrant farm worker organizing program, I led the organization into documentary work and helped broadcast our messages on everything from pest control in child care centers to federal toxics reform.

Today is bittersweet. I’m excited about what’s next for me personally as an aspiring urban farmer, but I’m also thrilled about what’s on the horizon for Toxic Free NC.

Our plans to make fresh, local, organic food available to everyone are the product of years of listening, advocacy and careful thought. This is truly a moment in which I expect our organization’s greatest strengths to shine.

As I’m putting seedlings in the soil this spring, my colleagues at Toxic Free NC will be rolling out across the state to help community gardeners, farmers and eaters of all stripes learn the skills necessary to achieve just and sustainable food systems in their communities. Skills like engaging decision-makers in local food policy change and organic garden pest control.

My enthusiasm about this work is only matched by my commitment as a supporter. I am a monthly donor to Toxic Free NC because I believe that our work to establish local, healthy and economically viable foodsheds – in short, democratizing food – could hardly be more important than it is at this moment.

Will you join me in supporting Toxic Free NC’s work to make organic food available for everyone?

I like to think of it in food system terms. You could be a “farmers’ market shopper” and make a one-time donation, or you could “join the CSA” with a monthly gift. Either way, you’ll be supporting one of the best organizations in the state. And you'll be helping them continue to do some of the most exciting work in NC around food systems change.

The truth about any nonprofit initiative is that it can only happen if there’s funding to put boots on the ground and gas in the tank. Please join me in making a gift to Toxic Free NC today.

Many thanks for your friendship and support over the years! I'm so proud of the work we've done together, and I'm grateful to you for continuing to support Toxic Free NC's future.

With gratitude,

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  1. Thanks Ana for the work you have done and for really caring