Thursday, May 9, 2013

Our secret weapon: MomPower

By Fawn Pattison, Mom of Two

Your mama's so awesome that she can keep a toddler happy and talk to her Senator at the same time! That's why we got together with our friends at MomsRising to make this hilarious MomDance video just for the amazing moms in our lives.

Seriously, we have learned over the years that it's women who are leading the charge to protect our health and environment. And the ladies right up front holding the banner (and the hands of small children) are moms. Whether we're collaborating with a food pantry on an organic gardening workshop, or up in Washington DC meeting with our US Senators about toxics reform, we have found that moms are the toxic-free mover-shakers who are building a safer and healthier future for all of us.

Right here at Toxic Free NC, moms proliferate on our staff, our Board of Directors and Community Leadership Council. We have so many ladies in charge around here that back in 2008 when we changed our organization's name to Toxic Free NC, one of the joke names we kicked around was WAP! - Women Against Pesticides! It's a great name and a non-toxic pest control method at the same time: WAP!  (Mamas Against Pesticides was really cool too, but you have to roll up a MAP to squish unwanted pests).

That's why on Mother's Day this year, we teamed up with our favorite mom activists, MomsRising, to thank all the moms of Toxic Free NC for all they do to make the world a better place. Check it out! And send it on to your favorite moms to thank them for being so inspiring!

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