Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Congratulations to NC FIELD!

by Lynne Walter, Associate Director

A HUGE congratulations to NC FIELD and the youth members of NC FIELD for receiving the 2013 Florenza Moore Grant Community Environmental Justice Award!  This award, presented by the North Carolina Environmental Justice Network at their annual summit, highlights community groups and individuals who have made a difference in environmental struggles in North Carolina.

Neftali, José, members of the Grant family, and State Senator Angela Bryant

NC FIELD is an amazing grassroots nonprofit in eastern North Carolina that works on the many environmental injustices, especially pesticide exposure, faced by one of the most vulnerable populations in the U.S.: farmworker youth.  The youth involved with NC FIELD are trained through a multi-generational approach to teach them to advocate for themselves, as well as for other farmworkers.  NC FIELD also works with farmworker youth to promote leadership development, provide opportunities for hands-on learning, and reinforce the importance of education.

José, Neftali, and NCEJN Executive Director Gary Grant
Toxic Free NC is fortunate enough to have worked with NC FIELD and their emerging youth leaders, like Neftali and José, on a variety of projects and campaigns.  One of these projects was collaborating on a short documentary about youth in the fields, entitled "Overworked and Under Spray."

¡Felicidades, NC FIELD, for this well-deserved award!

(photos by Peter Eversoll)


  1. Wonderful post, and so happy to see young farmworkers at the table of environmental justice!

    1. Thank you, Melissa--They deserved it, and it was an honor to be there to witness!