Thursday, January 30, 2014

Gold medal for farmworker advocacy

Farmworker Advocacy Network members
It's been a great week for the folks in North Carolina who fight for farmworker justice. This week members of the Farmworker Advocacy Network (of which Toxic Free NC is a member) were honored with two remarkable awards:

It always feels good to be recognized in your hometown paper, and that's exactly what happened this week when the Independent Weekly gave the Farmworker Advocacy Network its annual Citizen Award. Check out the article in the Indy and leave a comment if you support justice for the folks who harvest our food in North Carolina!

On a bigger stage, FAN members were also delighted to win a Midsouth Regional Emmy this week for our 2010 documentary, "Harvest of Dignity." This 30-minute short film commemorates the 50th anniversary of Edward R. Murrow's groundbreaking television documentary, "Harvest of Shame," which first exposed the shocking living and working conditions of the people who harvest our food in the United States. "Harvest of Dignity" revisits a North Carolina labor camp featured in the 1960 film, and explores just how little things have changed since then. "Harvest of Dignity" was produced by Minnow Media in association with the Farmworker Advocacy Network.

Want to meet these award-winning advocates in person? Toxic Free NC and other FAN members are available to bring a film screening and discussion to your church, school group or other civic group - contact us to set up a date and get more involved in the struggle for justice in our food system.

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